Why Eversafe®?

Because you would prefer not to have to pause your day, while waiting for a delivery.

Why Eversafe®?

Because you take comfort from knowing that your medicines and personal belongings are safe.

Why Eversafe®?

Because you know there are some things that shouldn’t be carried around when at college.

Why Eversafe®?

Because you cannot afford to without your tools. Even for a single day.

Why Eversafe®?

Because things do go missing in the workplace. Sometimes it’s an accident. Sometimes not.

Why Eversafe®?

Because it’s always nice to do know that things are where you left them.

Why Eversafe?

Products that Deliver Everyday Solutions

The Eversafe® product range transcends three main groups:

  • Travel cases for securely transporting personal documents, small belongings and laptop computers.
  • Storage units for securely housing anything from personal belongings to your weekly groceries, right through to the tools of your trade.
  • A variety of docks and racks that interlock and combine into any imaginable space, and seamlessly integrate with all Eversafe cases and storage units.

Combined together it represents a unique and versatile advancement in personal security.

It exchanges chance for ownership. It saves time and reduces stress.

Follow our guides below to learn how Eversafe® can make a difference to your everyday life.


Travel Solutions

Personal Security