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Eversafe For Travel



Our Eversafe® Secure backpack gives you piece of mind while on the go.  Due to its multiple safety features the Eversafe Backpack will keep your belongings safe from snatch and grab robbers.



Revolutionary Patent Pending Innovation

People travel for a multitude of reasons.  Whether your travels are for business, pleasure or education, the need to secure your belongings is evident.  When traveling for business why risk the potential of having your company laptop, samples or documents falling into the hands of an opportunist?  For tourists traveling the world there’s nothing more exciting than exploring a new city, but tourists, and especially Americans, stand out to locals and are targeted by thieves and pickpockets.  Carrying your passport, currency, and thousands of dollars’ worth of personal belongings makes you a prime target if your items aren’t secure.  The Eversafe Secure Backpack provides you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your experiences rather than worrying about your possessions.  You can secure the bag to a fixed object in your hotel room, knowing it will be there when you return, and when on-the-go the anti-cut materials along with multiple security locks ensure that no pickpocket will get into your bag.  Your travel is already an investment, now secure it.  Be Safe.  Be Eversafe™.

Made with water and cut resistant materials.  Keep passports, cash, laptops/tablets and other important belongings safe from thieves and pickpockets, secured with multiple TSA.

No matter where you go your Eversafe Secure Backpack and its contents are safe, use the cable locks in the straps to secure the bag to any affixed object.

Travel with peace of mind, the backpack’s robust yet compact and lightweight design easily fits beneath the seat in front of you on a plane and is comfortable to carry everywhere.

Discover the Security of EverSafe Backpacks!

Now Available

Ballistic Backpack Insert

Fits perfectly into the backpack and adds 1lb to the backpack’s total weight. It is a stand-alone armor plate with multiple hit capability that is rated for up to five hits from .44 magnum bullets and can withstand multiple hits from all pistol calibers.

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Technical Specifications


  • Fits standard SafeDock® and Cable Dock
  • Reflective piping and logo on the bags
  • Product is patent pending and will be CE approved and design registered
  • Base and back shell injection molded in two pieces in glass reinforced nylon


  • Dimensions: H 19.5in x W 12in x D 7in


  • Water resistant fabric and zipper
  • Cut resistant fabric
  • 4mm U bent four digit TSA combination lock to secure the zipper cover
  • 3mm steel cable to secure the zipper cover
  • 3 digit TSA combination zipper lock