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A range of innovative solutions for travel security and personal security.


Originally conceived as a secure briefcase, Eversafe has evolved and adapted into providing solutions to a range of everyday problems:

  • Where to leave your personal belongings when you travel.
  • How to gain peace of mind when professional equipment and files are in transit.
  • How to secure your possessions when they’re out of sight.
  • When the only option for receiving a delivery is to step out of work.




Hard Case

Revolutionising personal and travel security, the Hard Case is a high-end portable safe with a unique, innovative docking system.



Ideal for students and for family vacations, the Backpack provides a roomy, lightweight alternative to the Hardcase.

Eversafe Hospital Case

Hospital Case

A deeper version of our Hard Case, specifically designed for housing both prescription drugs and personal belongings during hospital stays.

SecureBox - Product Image

SecureBox for Couriers

The Courier Box is designed to solve an everyday problem i.e. how to be at home on Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm to receive your internet order.

SecureBox - Product Image

SecureBox for Grocery Deliveries

Can't make it home in time for a delivery? Lined with 50mm of insulation, keep your grocery order fresh for up to four hours.

SecureBox - Product Image

SecureBox for Tradesmen

Secure your valuable tools and kit in your home, vehicle or on-site.



The small, easy-to-install SafeDock® is one of the central pillars of the Eversafe® concept for personal and travel security.


Retractable Cable

Can't spot a SAFEDOCK®? Don't worry, the Retractable Cable allows you to fix your EVERSAFE® case to any fixed position.

Eversafe Hard Case Rask V1

Secure Rack V1

The basic rack can be affixed to any flat wall. It measures 21" by 61" and is capable of supporting over 200lb of secure storage across 6 Hard Cases or Hospital Cases.

Secure Car Cable - Product Image

Secure Car Cable

Leave your valuables in your car, safe in the knowledge that your Eversafe case is fully secured in the trunk of your car.

SecureRack V2 - Product Image


Installing the Hard Case Rack as a series of interlocking pieces provides much appreciated space for your staff or customers to secure their belongings.

Eversafe Courier Box Rack

Courier Box Rack

Stacking up in units of three, this rack allows you to secure multiple Courier Boxes on a porch, driveway, or indoor location.


Eversafe® Hard Cases, SafeDocks and Secure Backpack bases are to be made in USA.