Can’t spot a Safedock®? Don’t worry, the Retractable Cable allows you to fix your Eversafe® case to any fixed position.

Suitable for restaurants, libraries, offices and meeting rooms.

The patent pending Eversafe® Retractable Cable comes as an optional added feature on the Eversafe® Hardcase.

The Retractable Cable allows users to secure their bag to objects in their vicinity whether thats in the office, traveling or on the go, when the Eversafe® Dock is not available. This insures all your valuables are fully secure at all times

hardcase-Retractable cable works - 1
hardcase-Retractable cable works - 2
hardcase-Retractable cable works - 3
hardcase-Retractable cable works - 4

How it Works

  1. Pull out the Retractable Cable.
  2. Wrap the cable around a secure fixture.
  3. Lock the cable into your EVERSAFE® product.
  4. Enter your combination to reverse the steps.

CE marked, patent pending and design protected.