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Eversafe For Government Use

The Eversafe Secure Backpack and Hardcase are the top of the line options for portable security.  Featuring multiple patented functions, they are designed to prevent access to the contents contained within as well as to prevent theft of the products themselves with the Eversafe Universal Docking technology.  This provides government and military agencies a new type of courier bag, providing never before seen security while on the go.  The Eversafe products have been presented to the General Services Agency (GSA) and the Interagency Committee on Security Equipment (IACSE) and are now on GSA MAS contract.  Contract Number: 47QSMA22D08QB.  Eversafe products have been extensively tested and approved at Government labs of major Federal Agencies and military.  We encourage agencies that would like to explore our products further to contact our government distributor, Ray Roberts at the contact information below:


Point of Contact: Ray Roberts            Email: R.Roberts@eversafetech.com         Phone: 602 390 7044



Our Eversafe® Secure backpack gives you piece of mind while on the go.  Due to its multiple safety features the Eversafe Backpack will keep your belongings safe from snatch and grab robbers.



Revolutionary Patent Pending Innovation

Discover the Security of EverSafe Backpacks!


Technical Specifications


  • Fits standard SafeDock® and Cable Dock
  • Reflective piping and logo on the bags
  • Product is patent pending and will be CE approved and design registered
  • Base and back shell injection molded in two pieces in glass reinforced nylon


  • Dimensions: H 19.5in x W 12in x D 7in


  • Water resistant fabric and zipper
  • Cut resistant fabric
  • 4mm U bent four digit TSA combination lock to secure the zipper cover
  • 3mm steel cable to secure the zipper cover
  • 3 digit TSA combination zipper lock