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About Us

Eversafe est 2015

Our story began in business travel

It’s a story that all business travellers can relate to.

It started in airports. The usual waits, the inevitable delays. Accompanied by a travel case that contains the very documents and records to do business at the other end; the essential business partner you cannot afford to leave behind.

Pulling that case across to the departure gate. Then back to the conveniences area. To the restrooms. To the information desk. Back to the departure gate. If only there was somewhere secure to set the case down.

A journey of many parts

The idea quickly expanded to consider the rest of the journey. From the car ride to the airport, through trains and subways, to car rental and nights in hotels.

At every step of the journey, the travel case is either by the side or stowed away in a secure space such as the trunk of a car or an overhead locker.

But hands have a habit of being needed and eyes a tendency to be diverted.

And crucially, car trunks and communal lockers are rarely as safe or secure as you would like.

And not just for business

When the idea of a portable travel safe started to form, it quickly expanded beyond the needs of just the business traveller. Whether it’s the holiday of a lifetime, or a train journey down the coast, or a long weekend away on the other side of the state, the same rules apply:

  1. You’ll be carrying belongings that you cannot do without.
  2. You’ll be leaving behind valuables that you cannot afford to lose.

The right solution had to transcend business and commercial travel. It had to improve everyday life.

It’s also changing the way we shop

The internet has made shopping immeasurably more convenient.

Need something? Just browse, click and pay.  The days of driving into town, searching for the things you need in the sizes and quantities required, then standing in line, are coming to an end.

But the solution has created its own problem; that you have to be available to collect the products from the delivery team…. and not everything is suitable for an office drop-off.

Hence, during development we extended our product line to include storage containers, insulated to protect your refrigerated goods from the elements.

Introducing Eversafe®

Eversafe® is a  groundbreaking advancement in personal security, whether travelling, relaxing or just waiting for a package to arrive.

It combines and refines things we already use – luggage, safes, locks and identification systems – into a series of products that enable the traveller to securely lock and dock their personal belongings while on the move.

Eversafe® – essential for every trip business & pleasure, college and more….