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Eversafe® is a, unique, patent-pending, two-part system, consisting of a portable safe in a choice of designs, from a suitcase style to a backpack, and our Eversafe-SafeDock® docking options that lock down the case securely to floors, walls, or even the trunk of a car. When used with our Eversafe-SafeDock®system, our mobile safes are the only designs of their kind available.

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Eversafe at the MLA Expo

Eversafe Technologies recently had the pleasure of exhibiting at the immensely popular 2017 MLA Expo.

Click on the video for an introduction to our Hard Case and SAFEDOCK®, our key products, which made an eyecatching impression at the Expo.

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Hard Case



Eversafe Hospital Case

Hospital Case

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SecureBox for Couriers

SecureBox - Product Image

SecureBox for Grocery Deliveries

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SecureBox for Tradesmen




Retractable Cable


Eversafe® Hard Cases, SafeDocks and Secure Backpack bases are to be made in USA.

Our Story

Our story began in business travel.

So you're saying none of the rooms have safes? Am I expected to leave my valuables in the car?

I really need to get that briefcase back... there's no cash in it, but the documents in it are highly confidential.

The police are looking into it, but they don't hold out much hope. I'm going to need a new laptop.

Business travel means carrying business tools and information, which creates stressful decisions about security.

When you cannot afford to lose your briefcase, you cannot take a chance of leaving it unsecured.

But it's a bigger story than that.

Every time we travel, whether for business or pleasure - or even just out for lunch - we take a risk with possessions that we cannot afford to do without.

It's a game changing idea.

A good idea is always easy to spot.

The ideas that resonate the most are those that immediately prompt us to ponder “why didn’t I think of that?”

Eversafe® is one of those ideas.

It combines and refines things we already use – luggage, safes, locks and identification systems – to help keep the shadowy figure of opportunism at bay.

It removes stress from travel.


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